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Keyword Tracking Made Simple

Keyword Tracker allows you to track your keyword performance over time on Google, the #1 search engine and the biggest force on the Internet for driving traffic and revenue to your web-site.

By monitoring your keyword performance on a daily basis you can react to positive or negative movement and get ahead of the competition. If you are a digital agency looking to run your clients seo campaign, Keyword Tracker can give you a daily breakdown of all of your clients rankings. You can even download white label reports to send to your customers!

  • How does it work?

    Simple. You fill out your chosen keywords and competitors and we track their positions every single day and then provide that information in an intuitive and easy to understand graphing system.

  • How can it benefit me?

    By keeping track of your ranking positions you can keep track of positive and negative movement, movement that could seriously impact any revenue generated from search engine traffic.

  • Why do i need it?

    Search engine rankings are a fundamental source of income your web-site generates. By acting on the information we provide you can seriously improve your online business.

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  • 5 Competitors PD
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  • 5 Competitors PD
  •   Daily Tracking
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Here at Keyword Tracker we refuse to compromise on a quality tool. With us you get daily tracking as standard. No more waiting a week to find out you've lost that killer position, helping you stay ahead of the competition.

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